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The Golder Center for Private Equity and Entrepreneurial Finance was established in 2005 to advance the understanding of private equity investing and to build bridges between the private equity community and the University - its students, faculty, researchers and staff.

Private equity investors provide the long-term, committed risk capital that helps private companies grow and succeed. As venture capitalists, private equity investors seek young, rapidly growing companies that have the potential to develop into significant businesses. As equity sponsors, private equity investors provide the equity and risk funds needed to effect the purchase, buyout, turnaround or revitalization of existing businesses. Investing alongside management in any case, private equity investors are patient and involved; actively serving as directors and advisors to their portfolio companies.

Professional private equity investors are generally organized as private partnerships or closely held asset management companies. The sources of the capital they invest include pension and endowment funds, foundations and high net worth individuals. Supporting the transactions and portfolio companies of the private equity investor is a vast array of service providers and institutions, including investment and commercial banks, lawyers and accountants, valuation and sector experts and other professional consultants. Collectively, venture capitalists, equity sponsors and the infrastructure that finances and supports them constitute the private equity community.

The private equity community has expanded dramatically over the last thirty years and contributed substantially to the creative innovation in the world economy especially in the areas of technology application and the life sciences. The community has played a key role in the reshaping of the US economy through new company formation and job creation and in the economy's transformation through leveraged buyouts and restructurings.

Despite its critical role as a source of risk capital and its crucial impact on the economy, academic training and research in private equity has been limited. The Golder Center addresses these limitations through initiatives that include:

  • A combination of academic courses and experiential learning programs designed to educate and train students for successful careers in the community
  • Sponsored research to enhance knowledge of the evolution, growth and operation of the private equity community and its impact on global capital markets and economic development
  • Outreach programs including conferences, seminars and workshops that foster interaction between and amongst academic researchers and private equity community professionals

The Center was established in honor of Stanley C. Golder, a graduate of the College of Business at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a pioneer of the modern private equity industry. Its operations are made possible through the generous support of contributors to its endowment.


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